Welcome To Sparta Hills Beach Club


Rules & Reminders



Geese Deterrent System – We have installed new specially designed lights that have proven to be effective in deterring Canadian geese from roaming our property. These flashing ‘strobes’ are harmless to us, but disrupt geese’s sleep patterns, so they likely to find another location to visit as a result. We have two floating units and one land unit; they are solar powered and completely maintenance free. Please stay clear of these units so that we will have a clean beach this summer, our initial results with them are very promising!

Litter – when visiting SHBC property, please be sure to clean up after yourselves, and use the  trash & recycling bins provided. We have purchased new cans in order to reduce the amount of unsightly cans lined up near the beach house. Please help keep your beach clean for you, your family, and your friends.

Recycling – Please use the blue recycling cans for bottles, cans, etc. Please do not use these for paper or cardboard such as pizza boxes.

Wearing of beach badges will be IS STRICTLY ENFORCED! Please use your 2016 badges until we provide your 2017 badges when the beach opens. Our Beach Supervisor will be checking badges on a daily basis; in addition we will have wristbands available for guests. Wristbands are $5.00 each, $20.00 for 5 wristbands.

No alcohol is permitted on beach property except at beach picnics/beach functions.

Smoking is not permitted on beach property, if you must smoke please do so by the parking area and away from other patrons.

No overnight parking or storage of any kind is allowed in the beach parking lot. Parking is for lake use only.

No dogs are allowed on beach property or in the swim area (year round policy).

Summer Night Security – The beach is closed to all activities at 10pm. We will be patrolling every night and will call the Sparta Police if necessary.

Water Safety – We encourage proper adherence to water safety rules & regulations. Please follow our newly posted SHBC rules & regulations.

Parking & Road Safety – There is a KEEP RIGHT sign on the island at the entrance of Saginaw Drive. Please enter off Rt. 181 to the right of the island and exit to the right of the island. Do not forget to  observe the STOP sign at Lake Terrace! When parking at the beach please obey all parking rules, and   DO NOT SPEED – these areas are always full of small children, & be conscious of those loading and  unloading their vehicles. Please used the lined spots. Overflow parking is along Lake Terrace or Saginaw Drive up the hill on the right side. No overnight parking is allowed in the beach parking lot.

No feeding of wildlife! It is against the law to feed the wildlife-in particular the geese. They create many harmful health problems so please do not encourage them to hang around. We are trying our best to prevent them from having easy entry onto our beach and swimming areas.

Child supervision – children under the age of 16 must be accompanied with a parent anywhere on SHBC grounds. This is a year-round policy, in particular during ice skating/ice fishing season, and before our official beach opening date.