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– Interested In A Seasonal Membership? – 

New seasonal members need to have an application & contract submitted along with their payment asap.
Beginning May 1st we will accept new seasonal members on a first come, first served basis to fill available spots.

Seasonal memberships are available for $350 (plus 7% NJ Sales Tax) per family.
Membership includes swimming at the beach, boating, fishing basketball & volleyball courts,
and use of the BBQ and beach house.

If you are interested in a seasonal membership – or have friends or neighbors who may also be interested,
please contact our Treasurer, Karen Wheeler, at 973-729-7468. Once you have received the applicable forms from us,
send them back along with payment.Your name will be placed on a ‘pending availability members’ list.
You will be notified shortly after May 1st of acceptance.

Beach will be open around June 27th thru Labor Day weekend. Lifeguards are available daily starting at 11am to 6pm.

The lake is a great way to save some money and stay home this summer,
and enjoy the facilities of a quality convenient & safe family environment.
Lake Saginaw is the perfect size lake & beach for those of you with small children! All of the kids have a great time playing together
and sharing their many beach toys. Parents can relax with friends, knowing their children are safe and always close by.

We look forward to hearing from you!

– Existing Reservation & Returning Seasonal Members –

Our 2023 bills will be mailed with our newsletter.
Please read them carefully and mail them with the correct payment to our PO Box by April 30th, 2015.
Returning seasonal members must be paid by April 30th to ensure their existing membership spot!
As per the passing of the resolution to increase the maintenance fee from $18 to $50 per year in 2013, all deeded reservation property owners whether active or inactive must pay the $50 maintenance fee.

Remember, email is necessary for us to stay in contact with you –
please update your email address on the bottom of the billing statement, and return it with your payment.

Sparta Hills Beach Club
2023 Rate Table
Annual maintenance fee 50.00 Annual recurring
Active Membership fee 182.00 Annual recurring
Initiation Fee 300.00 One time due at closing from purchaser when title is transferred
Interest 10% compounded annually on past due assessments & maintenance fees
Boat Fee 40.00 Annual fee limited to available dock space
Canoe Fee 50.00 Annual fee limited to available canoe rack space
Annual Dues 350.00 Annual recurring, excludes required NJ Sales Tax
Boat Fee 40.00 Annual fee limited to available dock space
Canoe Fee 50.00 Annual fee limited to available canoe rack space

In 2006 New Jersey passed legislation requiring all private lakes & swim clubs to charge 7% NJ sales tax on membership fees.
Our Treasurer needs to account for these taxes and they must be paid to the state – SHBC does not keep this money – thank you!

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