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Boating & Fishing


Boats & Canoes
Current boat & canoe stickers are valid through April 30th, 2023.
As of May 1st, your new 2023 sticker must be attached so that it is visible from the dock.
Stickers on canoes should be attached to the end of the canoe that sticks out of the front of the rack.
ALL watercraft at the dock or on the racks must have a 2023 S.H.B.C. sticker on it.
We have a big demand for both dock space and canoe rack space, so any boat without a 2022 sticker will be removed, and your space will be given to someone on the waiting list. The beach supervisor will check on boat stickers and safety regulations.
NJ Marine regulations – No one 16 years old or younger may go in any watercraft without wearing a Coast Guard approved life vest.

Canoe Rack & Dock Slip Fees

Below is our current canoe rack rental policy and better define our dock slip policy:


  • Three Season Dock Slip Rental – $40.00 (+7% NJ sales tax)
  • Three season is defined as (Spring, Summer, mid-Fall/November 1st).
  • The $40.00 Dock Slip Rental fee will assign one vessel per dock slip.
  • Boats must be removed from the water and lake property by November 1st.  A $100.00 penalty fee will be assessed and charged to any member who does not remove their boat by this date.
  • Vessels left at the dock or on lake property at season’s end WILL BE REMOVED. 
  • Canoe Rack Rental – $50.00 (+7% NJ sales tax) per year.
  • Vessels may be stored year round on the canoe rack.  Canoe Rack Rentals may fill quickly so please have your reservations as soon as possible. 

 Any boat or canoe without a label will be removed from the grounds -THIS IS A ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY.
No boats, canoes or kayaks can be left on the grass or chained to a tree!
For it’s size, the quality of the fishing in Lake Saginaw rivals that of any neighboring lake. Our lake is home to native species such as Largemouth Bass, Chain Pickerel, Yellow Perch, White Crappie, Bluegills, Sunfish, and more.
There are always reports of members catching big largemouth bass, and there are also some very large chain pickerel that are not uncommon.
Remember that Lake Saginaw is a CATCH & RELEASE ONLY fishery; our lake is not stocked by the state of NJ or by any other means. This applies to open water as well as ice fishing. 
Taking fish unnecessarily causes numerous problems – it upsets delicate balance of the lake, reduces the number of available fish, and you can lose your membership rights to the lake. 
So please bring a camera, take great pictures, and carefully release your catch.  
Don’t forget to send us photos of your catch for our Photo Gallery!

Please do not tell friends they can fish the lake on their own – this is not allowed! 

Even though Lake Saginaw is a private lake, anyone over the age of 16 still requires a fishing license. Now it is easier than ever to obtain your fishing license. Simply visit the licenses & permits secion of – now you can simply purchase one online by visiting the NJ Department of Fish & Game.