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Thank You SHBC Members

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Hello everyone,

We did it! We had a successful first week at the beach. Thank you to all of you who have cooperated with us to make this happen.  The remaining badges are available for pick up Thursday and Saturday this week, during beach hours.

The holiday weekend is approaching. We still must observe the 50 person maximum limit; therefore, we can not allow any guests. When the beach is busy please be mindful of others who may be waiting to use the beach. There will be a green flag on display at the entrance while we are open and there are spaces available. A red flag will be displayed once we reach the 50 person capacity.The Ambassadors will check you in, keep count, and check you out. Beach hours have changes slightly and are now 11AM to 6PM.

Please be aware of social distancing rules and maintain a distance of six feet apart from non family members. We have a liability as a lake to provide a safe and clean environment for our members. Also, masks and shoes are required in the bathrooms. Lastly, the kayaks and boats onsite are privately owned and are not for rent or free use.  Members pay a fee to keep their boats/kayaks at the beach, so please do not use them if they do not belong to you.

Let’s be safe and enjoy our little slice of heaven, Lake Saginaw.

Thank you & happy 4th of July,
Becka Panzer, President 
SHBC Trustees

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