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COVID-19 Update (4/22/20)

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Fellow Lake Saginaw Members,

After our last email regarding the shutdown of the beach and lake in total, we were asked specifically about boating and fishing.

We contacted our SHBC legal counsel and we are happy to report that boating and fishing will be allowed with the following restrictions:

1. You must be a member in good standing (meaning you’ve paid your full active and inactive fees).

2. If you are boating, and if you store your vessel at the beach (dock/rack), you must have the most current boat sticker (2019 sticker) on your boat/canoe/kayak. If you bring a vessel to the lake it must be removed after use and not left on the grounds. IMPORTANT: We will be removing any boats/kayaks/canoes that are on lake property without a proper sticker, or not in the proper rack spot. This notice will serve as warning that you have two weeks from today to remove any boats/kayaks/canoes that are not properly documented with an appropriate sticker. This includes ‘stacking’ multiple boats/kayaks/canoes in the boat racks. If it doesn’t have an appropriate sticker, and/or is not in the proper rack spot, it will be removed.

3. Observe proper social distancing rules per NJ State guidelines. Do not gather in groups of 10 or more (anywhere on the grounds including the boat dock) and maintain a six-foot distance from others at all times.

4. The beach is still closed, absolutely no swimming or gathering.

As we continue to monitor and discuss how we will operate during this period of ‘stay at home’ and ‘social distancing, we also welcome feedback and questions from our members.

But please follow the guidelines we’ve set forth. It is not up to any single member to determine what they can and can not do. If you are unsure of any situation please ask (just respond to any of our emails).

We will modify these rules as necessary moving forward.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

SHBC/Lake Saginaw Trustees
John Scherr, President

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