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March 2021

Fellow Lake Members,

I am looking forward to our Summer 2021 Lake Season. Last year was anything but ordinary, but we are full steam ahead for 2021! The members of the board are working hard behind the scenes to continue to make sure Lake Saginaw improves and remains a fun lake community that we can all enjoy with our family and friends.

Remember, this is you lke, and we all need to take care of it and be respectful of the rules and fellow members.

See you at the opening picnic!


Theresa Gleason (President) and your Sparta Hills Beach Club Trustees

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Thank You SHBC Members

Hello everyone,

We did it! We had a successful first week at the beach. Thank you to all of you who have cooperated with us to make this happen.  The remaining badges are available for pick up Thursday and Saturday this week, during beach hours.

The holiday weekend is approaching. We still must observe the 50 person maximum limit; therefore, we can not allow any guests. When the beach is busy please be mindful of others who may be waiting to use the beach. There will be a green flag on display at the entrance while we are open and there are spaces available. A red flag will be displayed once we reach the 50 person capacity.The Ambassadors will check you in, keep count, and check you out. Beach hours have changes slightly and are now 11AM to 6PM.

Please be aware of social distancing rules and maintain a distance of six feet apart from non family members. We have a liability as a lake to provide a safe and clean environment for our members. Also, masks and shoes are required in the bathrooms. Lastly, the kayaks and boats onsite are privately owned and are not for rent or free use.  Members pay a fee to keep their boats/kayaks at the beach, so please do not use them if they do not belong to you.

Let’s be safe and enjoy our little slice of heaven, Lake Saginaw.

Thank you & happy 4th of July,
Becka Panzer, President 
SHBC Trustees

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SHBC Beach Opens Wednesday, 6/24/20 – Please read

Hello Sparta Hills Beach Club Members,

We are cleared to open! Our hours are 11a to 7pm. In an effort to make our lake experience as enjoyable as possible please read this entire post. Please be aware & check in with the ambassador when you arrive. As of now we have a 50 person limit on the beach and grass at a time. We are aware of the new executive orders that are continuously coming out. These are being reviewed by the appropriate parties that govern SHBC. When we know how they specifically pertain to SHBC we will share that information with you. This is a fluid time. Sometimes we will just have to wait & see before we adjust the new rules. Remember we are a small single beach. Our decisions are being made with safety and well being of our members as our top priority.

As of Wednesday we are open under these guidelines:

All members dues must be current

No guests

Everyone must check in with the ambassador

BYOC &T. Bring your own chair & toys

Masks encouraged

Practice social distancing

One person in shed/ bathroom at a time

Guards will sanitize any common items every 50 minutes

No slides, diving boards or floating docks

All toys and chairs must be taken home or will be thrown away (no shared equipment rule)

When you come to kayak, paddleboard, or just fish you do not have to check in unless you are going to swim.

During check in you are required to give your name and badge numbers will need to be shown.

Badge pick up will be Monday June 29 @ 11am to 5pm. & Tuesday the 30 11am to 1pm & 4pm to 7pm

These guidelines may change at any time to be more or less restrictive. SHBC Trustees will stay up to date with state and town COVID guidelines. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Be safe,

Becka Panzer, Beach President

SHBC Trustees

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SHBC Trustee Changes

Hi everyone! At our last beach cleanup and annual meeting, we have now elected some new faces that form our SHBC board of trustees – welcome aboard!

Rebecca Panzer

Vice President
Theresa Gleason

Karen Wheeler

Wendy Selander

Nick Boon
Ted Olszowski
Jeno Nyerges
Rick Bierce
Melissa Do
Michael Dobosh
Amanda Major
Elizabeth Siracuse-Billgert

Also thanks to everyone to came out and lent a hand at the cleanup last weekend!

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SHBC Beach Cleanup – Part II

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to Lake Saginaw Summer 2020. Since we are anticipating the beach opening next week, Wednesday the 24th, we need to finish getting the beach & buoys ready. So anyone who is available please come on down to the lake this Saturday, June 20th at 9:15 am.

Hope to see you there!

Thank you,
Rebecca Panzer, President
SHBC Trustees

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IMPORTANT COVID-19 UPDATE: Lake Saginaw – Opening Restrictions

Dear Fellow Lake Saginaw Members:

Some good news coming out today from the Governor of NJ:

“I anticipate being able to raise the limit on OUTDOOR non-protest and non-religious gatherings – unless we see a significant uptick in new #COVID19 cases – to 250 people on June 22nd.” (Gov. Murphy, NJ)

We are anticipating our beach opening on June 24th – however a lot of this is dependent on having the resources available in order to complete out setup, mainly we are waiting to hear from our dock contractor on a date and time for placement. Without the swim docks in place we cannot attach ropes and floats and other safety equipment.

In addition we are still on negotiating terms regarding our opening with the NJ State Health Department. As always the safely of our members and their families is our primary concern.

We will not be having an opening picnic, and we will not allow parties at the beach this season. (Mid or end of season member picnics will be determined at a later date.)

Here is a preliminary look at some of the restrictions that the State and County Health Department will be enforcing, and we will need to follow:

•    Require that members of the public practice social distancing while present at all public and private beaches, lakes, and lakeshores, including staying six feet apart whenever practicable.
•    Remove, tape-off, or otherwise block access to all benches and tables to discourage gatherings;
•    Prohibit the tying together or “rafting up” of boats to discourage group gatherings;
•    Prohibit special events such as festivals, concerts, fireworks, and picnics;
•    Prohibit all organized or contact activities or sports;
•    Limit occupancy in public restrooms that remain open to avoid overcrowding and maintain social distancing through signage and, where practicable, the utilization of attendants to monitor capacity;

The following shall be closed to the public at all public and private beaches, boardwalks, lakes, and lakeshores:
•    Picnic Areas;
•    Playgrounds;
•    Water play equipment, including but not limited to goggles, snorkels, fins, kick boards, pool noodles and toys (you can bring your own, but not leave at the beach as it will be thrown away same day).

Common sense and reasonable requests:

– If you are sick, or you child is sick, STAY HOME
– Wear a mask when close interaction cannot be avoided
– Most important, be patient. Give us a break – THINGS WILL NOT BE SAME THIS SEASON

– If you do not agree with any of the rules or restrictions, two things you can do: First, write the Governor or County Health Department to complain, not us. Second, if you are angry and not at all willing to work within these regulations, consider not joining the Lake this year
(reservation members will still have a mandatory maintenance fee due).

Thank you for your continued patience. Count on changes. We will keep you updated as soon as we learn more.

John Scherr, President
SHBC Trustees

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Dear Lake Saginaw Member:

We have two important dates and additional information to announce.

The beach will officially open on Wednesday, June 24th. Lifeguards will be on duty starting June 24th. We will follow up with additional guidelines (health, state, and federal mandates) prior to the official opening so there will be no confusion as to what can and cannot be done. Look for additional emails soon.

Our beach clean up and annual meeting will be held on Saturday, June 13th. The beach clean up will begin at 9am, and the annual meeting will promptly start at 12 noon. For the beach clean up please bring gloves. We’ll be doing general clean up and organization.

For the annual meeting we will be electing officers and Trustees for the Sparta Hills Beach Club board. The Trustees make all decisions for the beach club.

A number of members have expressed interest in becoming a Trustee and we look forward to some new ideas and energy. In order to become a Trustee (or to vote for Trustees) you must be a reservation member in good standing (i.e. all your fees are paid including active membership fees. This is a by-law rule.)

We hope those that would look to become a Trustee would do so to bring new ideas, activities, and accomplishments that will benefit the entire community. If you are looking to join to enhance a personal agenda, complain without providing solutions, or just as a way to socialize, then this position is probably not for you.

Trustees receive no pay, no incentives, and no special treatment – it is a volunteer position. While it is not a difficult job, it does involve interacting with members, providing solutions to problems, and following through with appropriate action for the good of the lake community.

I know there are a number of you that would be great for the beach club as a Trustee. Please feel free to reply via email to info@lakesaginaw.org and let us know you are considering running for a Trustee position.

In additional news, I will no longer be the beach club President, nor will I be a Trustee. I believe it’s time for some new ideas and passion to not only maintain all the great things we’ve accomplished over these past years, but to make things even better. Our Secretary, Melissa Do, will also be stepping down.

I want to thank all of you for your support, and look forward to seeing what you can accomplish moving forward.

Thank you.

John Scherr, President
SHBC Trustees

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COVID-19 Update (5/20/20)

Fellow Lake Saginaw Members,

We are working on current guidelines for our beach/lake this season. As you know, we do not officially open the beach until mid to late June. We will not be making any exceptions to that time frame this year.

We have received the new State and local health department guidelines that will dictate how we move forward with the beach opening. At this time we are working on a plan to open the beach, but be prepared that this will include (and not be limited to) limitations on entry, social distancing, and sanitation of commonly touched surfaces.

Until that plan is finalized, the beach is still closed and we will follow guidelines set forth in prior emails.

Again, we will keep you updated as soon as we can finalize the guidelines and plan for a safe beach opening, and then get our water test and health inspection completed.

Please work with us, and have patience.

SHBC Trustees
John Scherr, President, SHBC

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COVID-19 Update (4/22/20)

Fellow Lake Saginaw Members,

After our last email regarding the shutdown of the beach and lake in total, we were asked specifically about boating and fishing.

We contacted our SHBC legal counsel and we are happy to report that boating and fishing will be allowed with the following restrictions:

1. You must be a member in good standing (meaning you’ve paid your full active and inactive fees).

2. If you are boating, and if you store your vessel at the beach (dock/rack), you must have the most current boat sticker (2019 sticker) on your boat/canoe/kayak. If you bring a vessel to the lake it must be removed after use and not left on the grounds. IMPORTANT: We will be removing any boats/kayaks/canoes that are on lake property without a proper sticker, or not in the proper rack spot. This notice will serve as warning that you have two weeks from today to remove any boats/kayaks/canoes that are not properly documented with an appropriate sticker. This includes ‘stacking’ multiple boats/kayaks/canoes in the boat racks. If it doesn’t have an appropriate sticker, and/or is not in the proper rack spot, it will be removed.

3. Observe proper social distancing rules per NJ State guidelines. Do not gather in groups of 10 or more (anywhere on the grounds including the boat dock) and maintain a six-foot distance from others at all times.

4. The beach is still closed, absolutely no swimming or gathering.

As we continue to monitor and discuss how we will operate during this period of ‘stay at home’ and ‘social distancing, we also welcome feedback and questions from our members.

But please follow the guidelines we’ve set forth. It is not up to any single member to determine what they can and can not do. If you are unsure of any situation please ask (just respond to any of our emails).

We will modify these rules as necessary moving forward.

Thank you for your patience and cooperation.

SHBC/Lake Saginaw Trustees
John Scherr, President

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COVID-19 Update (4/16/20)

Fellow Lake Saginaw Members,

We hope you are all healthy and managing well through these crazy times.

We don’t have any positive news for you at this time.  As of now the Sussex County Board of Health has closed all recreational bathing for a yet unspecified amount of time.

While we continue to plan for the upcoming season, we are all still under the Governor’s ‘Stay at Home Order’. We are waiting further guidance from the CDC, OSHA, our state leaders, and our local Boards of Health before we make any final decisions regarding the beach and lake opening this season.

So for now, the beach and lake are closed to everyone. That means no one is allowed on the beach or allowed on the lake (even if you are alone).

For now, Reservation members are still responsible for the annual maintenance fee of $50. If you are a Reservation member and have already paid this maintenance fee, thank you. We still have bills to pay to just maintain the lake whether it is used or not. If you have not yet made this payment please do so as soon as possible.

There will be a number of questions regarding the active member fees. Some of you have already paid those. Since we are not sure if and when the Lake will open, we will be considering a number of possible actions (including but not limited to full or partial refunds). Again, until we know if we can open the Lake, we do not have a set answer here.  We will keep you updated, but rest assured that we as Trustees are in the same position as you, and we are also not willing to pay an active member fee if the Lake cannot be used (or would expect some sort of refund if a partial season is allowed).

We also know that many of you have suffered job losses or a decrease in hours worked. If you are in this situation, hold on to your active member fees for now. Even though you are still responsible for the $50 annual maintenance (Reservation members only), you are always guaranteed an active membership at anytime you join.

A number of seasonal members have similar questions. Any refunds or partial refunds would apply to your situation as well. If you have yet to pay, and were a member last year, your spot will be held on ‘the list’ and we will notify you if and when we open again.

We’ll keep you updated as best possible moving forward. As you have seen, there is a great deal of information to consider. But until we get the go ahead from the board of health and state leaders, we’re closed for now.

Stay healthy, stay home.

Lake Saginaw/SHBC Trustees
John Scherr, President